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July 8, 2013

Bishop Forest High School Museum Update
All Bishop Forest High School alumni, friends and concerned individuals are reminded of the ongoing activity for completion of our museum at 100 Ranger Drive, Schulenburg, Texas.
We are currently accepting memorabilia from all phases of the schools history – from 1954 to 1989. These treasures, large and small, will be protected and displayed with the professional guidance of our museumist, Charles Fleming of Southwest Museum Services. Architect, Brad Cutright of Cutright and Allen, La Grange, Texas has created the stunning design and anxiously waits for his “go ahead” signal. Currently a completion date of late 2014 is anticipated.
Donations, too, are actively solicited and can be made in memory of a loved one as well. Because The Bishop Forest Alumni Association is an official state recognized 501c(3) organization your contribution is tax deductible and will be acknowledged by return mail. Your donation will help preserve the activities and dedication of so many individuals during the school’s 35 year history! You can visit our website at ““ or for additional information you may contact Carol Strobel-Kana at 979/263-5654 or email


February 23, 2013

BFHS Alumni Discuss the New Museum Project

An inquisitive group of BFHS alumni met at the old Bishop Forest High School campus on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at 1PM to review and discuss the proposed plans for the new Bishop Forest Alumni Memorial Museum destined for a portion of the old gym at BFHS. The meeting was led by Judge Ed Janecka and twenty one alumni listened attentively as architect Brad Cutright of Cutright & Allen Architects shared a screen presentation revealing the floor plan drawing of the gym that will be dedicated to the new museum. Roughly one third of the North end of the gym will be occupied by the museum.  Mr. Cutright also showed a cross section view of the North part of the museum with a door to the North exit.  Alumni were also treated to an architectural view of the museum space with a staircase and balcony section on the west wall of the museum space.  A fourth drawing view showed a view of the space looking down into the proposed museum section of the old gym.

Charles Fleming of Southwest Museum Services, whose company designed and deployed many notable museums in Texas, the nation and abroad, will create the museum displays in a proposal based on what life was like in the school. His company will address the task of producing “what do you want visitors to see when they get there?” Fleming stated that “a good timeframe from start to finish is about 12 months.  The big time consumer is getting the museum materials together. If we assemble the yearbooks and artifacts, and get the design team to look at design concepts, that would take 6-8 weeks.”

The next step in the museum process is to decide what BFHS matrials will go into the museum.  Should the museum content be divided up by school year, by sports, or school activities?  Judge Jenecka stated that alumni need to provide ideas now on what they would like to see in the museum. One alumnus proposed that videos be made of faculty members who served during the BFHS years.  All alumni are urged to share their ideas on what they think the museum should look like with the Bishop forest Alumni Association leadership.

The museum leadership committee is now soliciting names of alumni who will be willing to serve as a class contact to begin gathering BFHS memorabilia, including photos, movies, sports letter jackets, and any item that was part of the history of BFHS.  Collected items will be catalogued by owner/donor, and stored in a secure room at the Blinn College campus.  Do you have some memorabilia you would consider donating or loaning to the association?  Let us know. Go to your class page on this website and leave your reply at the bottom of the page. There you can share your ideas on what you would like to see in the museum as well as list memorabilia you can donate or place on loan with the museum.

This museum project is being funded by BFHS alumni donations.  To date, 80% of the funds needed have been collected, but a lot more donations are still needed before the museum construction can begin. Additionally, funds will be needed to cover maintenance costs of the museum. All BFHS alumni is asked to rally to this call for help. Every donation, no matter how large or small will go a long way to preserving BFHS into the future. Your Bishop Forest Alumni Association needs your help now!

Remember to support your

Bishop Forest Alumni Association Museum.



 BFH Photos

We’re looking for BFH photos from the past..  Do you have some you would be willing to share with us for a little while?  We will glady return them to you, or just scan them and email a copy to us along with notes that explain them.

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  1. An update for BF Museum donations: in addition to our initial generous donation, I have received contributions from 53 alumni…..’60-3; ’61-1; ’62-6; ’63-4; ’64-13; ’65-3; ’66-2; ’67-5; ’68-2; ’69-4; ’70-3; ’71-2; ’72-1; ’74-2; ’77-2; ’79-1; ’84-2. I have also collected the band drum, uniform, band shoes and band hat as well as trophies from the 1965-69 era. Thanks for your support of YOUR museum!

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