BFH Alumni: We Need Your Help Now!

The BFH Museum preparations are in full swing right now and your help is needed.  Go dig out that box of old BFH keepsakes you stashed away years ago and check out what is in it.  How about some of those old Kodak camera pictures you took back when you were in school.  We know you have pictures of you and your classmates and teachers.  How about some of those senior prom pictures or homecoming game corsage ribbons?  How about some BFH car or window stickers you stashed away in your high school scrapbook, or senior play program or band trophies or medals?  Hey former BFH athletes, do you have any sports medals or ribbons you could share right now?  The new museum design staff needs items like these, and others, for the displays in the museum. You can give them to the museum if you feel you can part with them, or you can place them on loan with the museum, and retain ownership of the items.

Contact Carol Strobel-Kana at 979/263-5654 or email  Or, you can go to the bottom of this page, click on “Leave a Reply”, leave your information and comments and we will contact you by email.  Rangers, let’s make this project succeed.  We can do it!

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