What Does Labor Day Mean?

Americans celebrate this national holiday each year on the first Monday in September.  Why celebrate Labor Day?  There are many reasons.  For some it is the symbolic end of the summer.  For others, it is the last day of the year to wear white or striped seersucker fashions.  Then there are those who know that Labor Day marks the beginning of the football season.  It is also the time when students are back in school for the fall semester.  The Labor Day weekend gives families one final get away time together before the fall season.

More importantly, Labor Day is the day that the U.S. has set aside to honor and celebrate the contributions of the American workers who make up the economic backbone of our country.  BFH Alumni are numbered among those who have faithfully served, or are now serving in the American workforce.

It is time to celebrate our accomplishments.

Labor Day greeting

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