Fall 2015 BFHS Museum Groundbreaking

Museum Groundbreaking 2015B

Groundbreaking (on concrete) for the new Bishop Forest Museum was held recently on site in the former BFHS Gym in Schulenburg, Texas.  The gym area shown above will become part of the new museum.  Present for the groundbreaking event from left to right are   Becky Garlick Blinn Campus Director; Glenda Strobel Stavinoha (’62), Kenneth Miksch (’76) architect for Cutright & Allen, Francis Ripper (’64), Ed Janecka (’64), Carol Strobel-Kana (’64), James Hajovsky contractor and Eugene Berger (’62).  Many hours of memorabilia collecting, planning, decision making, and fund raising have gone into this project.  The museum can be a great success if all BFHS alumni throw their support into making the museum become a reality.  How can  you help?  Right now more donated funds are needed to support the construction phase of this alumni project.  Please consider making your donation, large or small, right now.  You can contact Carol Strobel-Kana at ckana@cvctx.com.  BFHS Alumni touch the future each and every day.  Make your touch count.

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