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Hi!  This is a brand new web site.

We are alumni of Bishop Forest High School (BFHS) in Schulenburg, Texas.  The purpose of this web site is to preserve the history of BFHS and to serve as a place where alumni can meet.

Take a little time and browse our pages.




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  1. Greetings,
    I have been contacted by the current owners of the school or property located at the Bishop Forest High School Schulenburg, Texas. They are looking for assistance in locating time capsules placed in the earth by your former students. The time frame was from the 70 and 80’s and we are looking for your help to assist in discovering and recovery of these items. The items are slated for a museum in Schulenburg. If possible could you reach out and see if anyone remembers these activities or any documentation of time capsule existence. thank you, John Volek 281-330-7758

  2. Keep it going, my sister graduated from BFHS and great friends, EJ & Carmen and many other Haidusek family members, Tom Polk, Shirley & James Polk, William Neiser, the whole class of 1962.
    I graduated with many of them from Saint Michael’s School in 1958.
    I graduated from Saint John’s Seminary HS 1962…see facebook page.
    I knew the 1st graduate, only one in that 1st class 1959?, Mary Elizabeth Rogers.
    Cecilia, James and others were in the second graduation class 1960?

  3. Sweet….innocent memories…One is so lucky to have a Roman Catholic Education!!!!..keep up the good work!!!…Lila…

    1. Hi Lila;

      Was your father Captain John Y. Battenfield? Did he live in Liberia, West Africa?

      If so, I think he knew my parents. I’d love to find out more about him. Please email me.


      Nora Rawlinson

      1. Hello…was your father a Doctor???…did he work for Firestone also????..please tell me who you are OK??..Yes…he lived in Liberia West Africa..thank you..

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