BFH Museum Design Planning Takes Shape: Recent Happenings

February 11, 2014

The BFH Memorial Museum is gradually beginning to take shape.  Alumni Carol Kana (’64), Eugene Berger (“62) and Kenneth Miksch (’76) met with Charles Fleming of the design team at the KC Hall in Schulenburg  on November 19th to address building/construction concepts for the overall project.  The very next day, several other BFH alumni and Carol Kana loaded and transferred  the stored BFH memorabilia to a loft at the future museum site at Blinn College in Schulenburg.

A preliminary review of collected BFH museum items was conducted at the museum site on December 12, 2013 by Charles Fleming and Carol Kana.  The items collected thus far revealed so many treasures in each box of items that were examined.  Included in those treasures were many BFH yearbooks, scrapbooks that were started in the initial years, even photos of the construction of the school.  Add to this, lots of trophies, sports wear and even two football  helmets.   Even the original metal signage letters from the outside of the original building – BISHOP FOREST HIGH SCHOOL – were found, but a few are missing.   It was also at this time that the initial payment for Phase One development of the new museum was made by the association to the museum developers.  BFH alumni are invited to attend the next meeting with the design team. Contact Carol Kana an she will send you an invite.

Donations all all kinds are needed now, including additional BFH memorabilia, cash donations, or pledges for financial support.  One local organization and a family have offered to help support the development of the museum project, but those offers have yet to be received by the association.

If you know of anyone who can help converting movie film from the 1960’s to digital format, contact Carol Kana.  She will be glad to hear from you.

OK BFH Alumni, let’s “Keep the green and white alive!”

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